Swiss Investment

The company’s scope of business activities include trading oil and oil products, trade finance, construction and real estate sales and rentals; ceramics and natural stones supply; export, import and transit trade activities, and recycling, as well as delivering the miscellaneous supply needs of Peak Group AG and Ayermis AG.

With our strong team and corporate structure at Swiss A.Ş., our sustainability objectives extend to adhering to quality policies and integrating advanced technology within our facilities, adopting global and innovative approaches and increasing our import activities.

Swiss Investment

Our Mission
With the respect and love we have for nature, people and our country, we want to:
Be the leader in the sector and a globally recognized company,
Keep investing and continue the growth,
Increase our importing activities,
Prioritize the satisfaction of our clients, suppliers and employees and always aim for the next step.
Boost productivity.

Our Services


We provide trade finance through our credit lines established at prime Swiss banks subject to having detailed information up-front on the sellers, the buyers, their banks, value and duration of the project.

Swiss Investment


Our scope of business consisted of trading a few oil products only at the beginning. We were working in Mediterranean and Black Sea regions. Within period of developments and improvements we spread all over the world.

Dealing with trade of every kind of crude oil, petroleum products and petrochemicals.

Swiss Investment

10-50 ppm ULSD, 500 ppm Gas Oil, Unleaded Gasoline “Mogas” RON-95, Jet Fuel & Aviation Kerosene, Fuel Oil, Base Oils SN-100 and SN-150, SN-350, BS

Varied grades of crude oil provided globally.


With its team of aspiring professionals equipped with the competences and skills demanded by the complexity of the changing industry and innovative techniques required by the state of the art engineering practices, Swiss Investment also provides extensive project management, operation & maintenance services and real estate marketing

Swiss A.S is based upon the belief that the key to success and long presence in business lies in a commitment to understanding and meeting its clients’ requirements for quality, safety, workmanship, on-time delivery and value-for-money.

Swiss Investment

Business Areas:
- Construction
- Renovation
- Real Estate Buying and Selling


Our production area and executing various construction projects such as worksite buildings, emergency housing camps, mass housing project, holiday villages and etc.

Our Products
• Prefabricated Buildings (worksite buildings, offices, houses, school and medical facilities, military camps, villa’s)
• Accommodation containers
• Modular cabins and kiosks



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